Friday, October 1, 2010

October's moment of truth... and some thoughts.

My weight this morning was 181.4 with a month's loss of 11.6 pounds (16.6 total). Here are the new "Headless Dieter" body shots...

I can only see a slight difference in the photos but there is a noticeable difference in the fit of my clothes.  I am solidly wearing a size 14 pants and XL to 1X shirt.  Double Xs are too baggy and have been relegated to a corner of my closet hence to be known as the "OLD Fat Clothes".... I am currently wearing the NEW Fat Clothes.

I think an almost 12 pound weight loss in a month is great but I know, with all my heart, I could do better in my pursuit of health.  I haven't incorporated exercise into my daily life yet although I have moved around a lot more this month.  I have made better food choices but the over powering urge to graze in the kitchen at night is still very much there.  Overall, my thoughts are, "I'm happy with my success but ready to make some more changes."

Have a wonderful weekend Y'all!


Style Attic said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up...for looks and for health!! I am so bad about eating the right stuff. The fact that you have set out with a goal is such a positive direction and don't give up :)


Style Attic

Mary H. said...

You can see the difference already! Looking good!

Heather Hawkinson said...

AWESOME! I can definitely see a difference. Especially that side shot. So what did you do? A sample day please! That's about 3 pounds a week -- JUST AWESOME!