Monday, September 27, 2010


There are a couple of things that get to me that seem to not bother others.

It goes beyond hand washing after a trip to the bathroom (although, failing to wash hands is the quickest way to turn me green).

*Just a note... I was not fanatical about hand washing until I married My Fella. I washed my hands, just not as much as he did. Since I wasn't raised with a 'sense of urgency' about keeping my paws clean, it makes me wonder about my brother. Did he learn to wash after he *ahem* shook off... or worse?? And how do you broach this topic of conversation with some one? Should I wait til he leaves the bathroom and interrogate him or just continue to not share chips right out of the bag with him?  Wait, I'm not eating chips anymore so *whew* nothing to worry about.

Here are a few of the things that I can't do that some people find quite natural...

~ I cannot eat food from a baby or toddler's hand.

I remember watching my Aunt eat something from my toddler-sized daughter's hand and thinking "How does she do that? This is my kid and I can't eat from her grimy little hand, so how can she?" I felt guilty! I can't help it though... food that has been pulverized in the grip of a toddler and then offered to me for consumption is icky. I respond with my kindest "No thanks Sweetie, you eat it."

And then I run away.

~ I cannot accept doggie sugar.

I like dogs but I don't want them to lick me in the face.

~ Along the same lines, if I pet an animal - mine or other - I have to wash my hands.

I have a sister. She's a real bit... naah, I'm not going there. She is my mother's baby....

I love Sam, I really do. She adores her family, big sister included, and she wants to be petted a lot. Often, when she comes to me for affection, I have just washed my hands. I pet her anyway and go wash them again. Repeat 236 times per visit to my parents house. I know they wonder why I feel like I have to wash my hands just because I rubbed my sister behind the ears.

~ "Smell this."

I have never automatically complied with this command. Don't put a jug of milk, a package of chicken, or a perfumed wrist up to my nose. I don't WANT to smell it!

~ "Taste this."

Same thing, I don't take chances with putting potentially disgusting things in my mouth. I will have to know what it is, what is in it, and possibly who prepared it before I sample random food.

So am I alone? Are there things that gross you out that don't seem to bother others? Do tell...


Blossom said...

I agree about the dog things. After I pet someone's pet I'll wash my hands...however usually only when I'm done petting (or leaving their house), or of course if I was going to eat or something.

Heather Hawkinson said...

I'm a handwasher for sure, especially after petting dogs, or any pet for that matter. Other things that make me go eeeewwwww:
People swiping at their nose with their hands.
People coming to work sick and hacking all over the place and sneezing. (Use your sick leave people!)