Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank you Raquel Welch... just... thanks.

Raquel Welch was on the television in the kitchen (I was in the den but I could hear her voice) discussing her new book "Beyond the Cleavage".

She mentioned that she is about to be 70. My Fella hollered at me from the kitchen, "Did you hear that?"

I did.

I told him she has had a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of plastic surgery (I think). He said, "Yeah, but I didn't think that any woman could look like that at seventy."

Well doesn't that just make my heart go pitty-pat.

Raquel Welch has always been a beautiful woman and she has made her living by being a beautiful woman. The money that she made being a beautiful woman ensured that she could continue being a beautiful woman.

So yes my Darling Fella, you were actually right. Not just any woman can look like that at seventy, only a select few. Or maybe just one... maybe it's only Raquel Welch that can "look like that."

Personally, I hate the taste of sour grapes.


Rapunzel said...

Ugh! She is one gorgeous woman, right up there with Sophia.

Heather Hawkinson said...

Personally, I think men over 50 should not wear glasses. Then we'll all look like Raquel.